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5500+ yachts worldwide

Personalised offer whithin 15 min

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Personal advisor

After contacting us you will have a personal consultant dedicated to your charter. He is here to support with any case with the charter, and prepare your private sailingtale.

5500+ yachts worldwide

Sailingtale will provide you with any vessel anywhere you desire in the world, ranging widely from affordable good quality sailboats, comfortable catamarans, to exclusive and luxurious powerboats for your company events and parties.

personalised offer whithin 15 min

A tailored offer fulfilling your needs will be transferred mostly during your call, or maximum within 15 minutes via e-mail.

concierge services

Want a bottle of wine waiting for you after you ckeck-in? Want to have all your shopping done to save your time? Want to have your flight/zoo/concert i.e. tickets ready waiting in your email box? Our concierge consultant will provide you with anything you desire during your sail.

limited formalities

Our company will limit the formalities to minimum. If needed, for instance you can expect:
- Assistance with additional costs (governmental taxes, insurance from the deposit, sailing licence etc.)
- Lists of responsibilities or requirements which you should comply with specified boat or destination you are sailing at.
- Support with documents required for your charter